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MVHR Control and Sensors

Heat Recovery System Control and Sensors- MVHR

We pride ourselves on being able to supply one of the largest ranges of energy efficient ventilation systems available at guaranteed discount prices throughout the UK and Ireland.

To further increase the efficiency and controllability of the heat recovery units we can specify any of the following controllers to our heat recovery Systems - MVHR.


Digital Hard-Wired Controller -

These units use a hard wired or (alarm or data cable) allowing you to view all required information and set speeds and various functions. This type of system will provide the quietest system due to the amount of controllability. Additional controllability can also be with humidity, bathroom boost switches, light switch, etc.

Analogue Controller -

These units are controlled with a speed selector switch using either humidity sensors or boost switches to the bathrooms. This type of system provides both the most economical solution but also requires the least user input, making it ideal for housing developments and social housing.

Wireless Controller -

A wireless controller us RF (radio frequency) to send a signal from the controller to the unit, the control is normally quite basic and can lose signal on some types of construction.

Wi-Fi Controller -

The Wi-Fi control option normally connects to your phone or tablet allowing you to adjust the unit function when in signal of the unit.

Internet -

Interactive control connects your unit to your phone or tablet through your house internet router- this provides the highest quality remote control options with the added benefit that a service engineer can connect remotely to your unit for set up and problem solving.

Potentiometer adjustment -

The airflow can only be adjusted manually with a screwdriver at the unit on commissioning.

Constant volume control (constant flow control)

Automatic control of the airflow and adapts the speed to prevent surges and increases airflow if there is a resistance.

No control –

Simply has a on and off switch to control system.

Demand Controlled -

uses Co2 sensors that increase speed and performance according to how many people are in the room.


A simple inferred sensor to increase speed when someone is present.


Commercial Building management interface allowing the unit to be controlled remotely or in plant room.


High end home automation system with mobile applications.


A high-end commercial Building Energy Management System that can incorporate HVAC and electrical systems.

Constant pressure control –

maintains system performance when more resistance has occurred and is also ideal if using zoned dampers for a demand-controlled option.

PIR Sensors -

The use of PIR sensors are possible to some systems but recommend they should be fitted with a time delay to stop nuisance tripping.

CO2 Sensors -

The use of quality CO2 sensors are recommended to commercial projects like school rooms but due to the expense are rarely fitted to domestic systems.

Humidity Sensors -

A humidity sensor will boost the airflow when humidity increases beyond the set point of normally 70%. There are number of types:

  •  Integral digital - Fitted inside the unit and programmable from the digital controller - The best solution for bathrooms close to the MVHR unit
  •  Integral analogue - Fitted inside the unit and set by potometer - The best cost-efficient solution
  •  Duct mounted - Fitted inside the ductwork close to the unit and set at sensor - Difficult to set and top nuisance tripping
  •  Digital wall mounted - Fitted on the bathroom wall and programmed at the digital controller - The best option for bathrooms a long distance from unit but only a small number can be used per unit
  •  Analogue wall mounted - Fitted on bathroom wall and set at sensor - The best option cost efficient systems for units without a integral humidity sensor.
  •  Boost Switches - We always recommend boost switches fitted to accessible locations to bathrooms allowing to manual boost the system if or when required.

Boost Switch

Normal boost switch -

A single gang switch to boost from high to low - suitable for most types of system.

Momentary boost switch -

Allows you to boost the Digital unit for a set time of up to 30 minutes (Programmed at the unit).

Timer boost switch -

Allows you to boost the Analogue unit for a set time of up to 30 minutes (Set at the switch with dip switch).

Ventwise Controller -

The Ventwise controller has been designed to fully automate a system - Expensive option but provides ultimate features:

• Automatically boosts fan when temperature of the supply pipe to a shower or bath increases

• Automatically boosts fan when electric hob is switched on

• Can be used in conjunction with manual override input

• Adjustable overrun timer

• Two sensor options available.

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