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Metal Reducers

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Key Features:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Pipe ends are male and will accept male fittings such as bends and grilles.
  • Lengths of duct channel can be joined together using a male connector.
  • Easy to install and durable, just push-fit duct and fittings together.
  • Compatible with most other manufactures
  • Extensive range of fittings, outlets, and grilles available
  • Galvanised male coupling used to join circular ducts
  • This version is supplied without 'safe' push fit seals
  • Fittings without safe seals should be joined using appropriate fixing methods
  • Our fittings are produced in accordance with DW144 with a zinc coating weight of 275g/m2, and have a rolled edge for safer handling and improved alignment


Metal Reducers

Product Part Number

100-80mm Short Reducer - R10080M

125-100mm Short Reducer - R125100M

150-100mm Short Reducer - R150100M

150-125mm Short Reducer - R150125M

160-100mm Short Reducer - R160100M

160-125mm Short Reducer - R160125R

160-150mm Short Reducer - R160150M

180-125mm Short Reducer - R180125M

180-150mm Short Reducer - R180150M

180-160mm Short Reducer - R180160M

200-100mm Short Reducer - R200100M

200-125mm Short Reducer - R200125M

200-150mm Short Reducer - R200150M

200-160mm Short Reducer - R200160M

200-180mm Short Reducer - R200180M

250-150mm Short Reducer - R250150M

250-180mm Short Reducer - RC250180

250-200mm Short Reducer - R250200M


Metal reducers are constructed of high quality durable galvanised metal

Manufactured without seals

Male spigots, these metal reducers will fit inside round metal ducting.

Made in the UK

Perfectly suited for ducting your ventilation system, kitchen extractor fan, bathroom fan or in-line extract fans

Can be used to connect long ductwork run for a variety of purposes including whole house ventilation, passive stack vent, positive input, air conditioning, HVAC, and heat recovery systems.


Compatible with most other lead manufacturers for galvanised metal ducting


Solid rigid ducting is suitable for use in all buildings to provide superior airflow performance vs. comparative size rectangular or flexible PVC or aluminium duct. Suitable to use in compliance with Part F Building Regulations.


To provide the best performance in airtightness and durability we recommend you provide greater mechanical strength to a joint by using a combination of plastic ducting sealant and aluminium duct sealing tape

  1. Apply duct sealant to the male fitting
  2. Push together
  3. Apply aluminium duct sealing tape over joint

Alternatively, you can use self-sealing fittings that speed up the time taken by up to 70% and can be easily dismantled

Insulation of Ductwork

It is important that any ducting located in a cold area (e.g. loft space) to be insulated. The insulation needs to be the equivalent of 25mm thick and have a thermal conductivity of 0.04W/(m.k) or less.

This ensures that condensation doesn’t form due to the difference in air temperature inside the duct when compared to the air temperature in the cold space.

If you don’t have a loft space there is still a need for insulated ducting on the intake and exhaust legs, as they will be carrying cold air in a warm space. The level of insulation can be achieved by wrapping duct in a layer of 25mm duct wrap that has a silver foil face on a 25mm rockwool

It is also worth noting that foil wrap with air bubbles (bubble wrap) is no longer applicable in building control regulations.

Technical Specification

Metal Reducers Technical Specification

  125-100 150-100 150-125 160-150 180-150 180-160 200-150  200-160  250-150
 Product Type Reducer Reducer Reducer Reducer Reducer Reducer Reducer  Reducer  Reducer
 Length (mm) 125 150 150 160 180 180  200  200  250
 Width (mm) 125 150 150 160 180 180 200  200  250
 Weight (Kg) 0.140 0.160 0.170 0.250 0.240 0.270 0.340  0.260  0.560
 Temp Max (°C) 200 200 200 200 200 200 200  200  200
 Product Code R125100M R150100M R150125M R160150M R180150M R180160M R200150M  R200160M  R250150M
 EAN - Barcode 5060586911454 5060586913090 5060586913106 5060586913113 5060586913120 5060586913137 5060586913144 5060586913151 5060586913168


BPC have years of experience in delivering equipment around the UK and other Worldwide destinations. Our dedicated dispatch team work hard to ensure the highest standards are met so that your goods arrive on-time and in pristine condition.

Our market knowledge and experience allow us to match our service to meet your requirements swiftly and safely.

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Please contact us to confirm shipping cost and availability.  

End-To-End Support Delivery is available within 48-72 hrs, depending on method of transport, for hundreds of stock items.

Customers receiving a pallet delivery will be emailed on day of dispatch advising of delivery date. Parcel deliveries will be notified via email or SMS directly from DPD.

These checks are part of a unique commitment to building relationships with customers, understanding their specific delivery needs and responding to them positively and promptly.  

We deliver on Service

Key components such as ductwork and fittings plus the most popular selling MVHR units are kept in stock in our UK-based warehouse, which means that you receive the best possible delivery dates.

All goods are expertly packed by a professional team so that your equipment is received in pristine condition ready for installation.

All deliveries co-ordinated to suit your specific requirements and construction programme.

Delivery Partners

We only use the couriers with the highest standard of service that include

  • Fastway
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  • Montgomery Transport
  • Liam Connolly Roadfreight Ltd
  • Europa Worldwide


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