BSK Zephyr Single Room Heat Recovery Unit

  • High heat recovery efficiency of up to 90%.
  • App control via phone App (v2)
  • IR handheld speed controller supplied with unit
  • Wi-Fi pairing between and programming between units
  • Internal humidity sensor
  • 4 speed settings
  • Delivers an airflow of 15 - 60m³ per hour (16 l/s),
  • Suitable for areas up to 50m².
  • Ultra Quiet energy efficient Motor 24-48 dBa
  • Easy to service filters
  • Ceramic heat recovery core
  • Anti draft damper when not in use
  • Optional External colored cowls available
  • Optional Thin wall cowl available
  • 24-month warranty
  • Easy to install
  •   In Stock
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BSK Zephyr Single Room MVHR

Product Part Number

BSK Zephyr Single Room Heat recovery Unit - BSK-Zephyr


With advanced features such as built-in Wi-Fi, remote control and app control, the BSK ZEPHYR V2 is a future-proof solution that offers functions that are otherwise only seen on much more expensive models.

Manufactured in Turkey to a very high quality this unit is popular throughout Europe and as we have sold 1000s of these units, we can say that this is the best value single room unit available

How does it work

BSK Zephyr can recover heat by using a 2-way fan heating and cooling of the ceramic heat exchanger inside. The device operates on a cycle that extracts and supplies air in periods of 70 seconds. While the air is extracted out from the room, the ceramic heat exchanger will be heated, when the air flow direction is reversed and fresh air from outside is supplied to the room, thanks to the heat stored in the ceramic core, it will be blown inside in a conditioned manner. BSK Zephyr, whose power consumption does not exceed a few watts and can reach 90% thermal efficiency, also allows you to save energy while meeting your ventilation needs. You can connect multiple devices to each other via wi-fi, and you can control your devices with the included IR remote.

BPC are MVHR specialists and the original developers of MVHR kits in the Uk and Ireland with lifetime technical support on our top-quality systems.


Detailed Info

App Control

It is now possible to control all the ZEPHYR devices and features in the house via a user-friendly app.

Handheld IR controller

The unit comes with an IR remote control that allows you to control all the features on the one unit or any other additional units simultaneously


Built-in Wi-Fi enables wireless pairing of multiple devices across your house, when paired devices will run either in parallel or in reverse depending on your setup. When the primary device is in ventilation mode, all parallel devices will also follow, while the reverse devices will be in exhaust mode. This way you can have continuous ventilation and aspiration and create air drafts inside or across rooms to increase the effectiveness of ventilation. You can set different settings and speeds for different rooms and create various ventilation zones.

Humidity control

Integral humidity sensor with 3 humidity monitoring levels. When a set humidity is reached, the device will enter exhaust mode to dispense excess humidity.

Speed Control

4-speed settings from 15 m3/hr. to 60 m3/hr. including a night mode for silent operation

3 Ventilation Modes

Set your unit up for any situation with a press of a button and will allow for either heat recovery of up to 90% or simply extract warm or humid air or even just supply fresh air in from outside

Energy Use

Unparalleled A+ rated 4-speed high-performance motor that uses as little as 1.2 watts of energy on night-time mode and only 6.3 watts on high boost

Silent Operation

True silent operation with an ultra-low 3.6 dBA on night-time mode and 27.3 dBA on high boost

Heat Recovery

The heat of the unit is a quality ceramic heat recovery core that provides long-term performance of up to 90% heat recovery

Filters & Maintenance

The system has been designed with extra quick and easy servicing of the two filters as the core and filters can be removed and cleaned without any tools or removing the outer covers


During operation, the inner grille will open depending on the chosen airflow rate and if the unit is not being used the grille will close over with a foam seal

Easy to install

To provide a quiet and efficient unit the pipe diameter is 160mm and due to the new telescopic wall liner can be used as standard on walls from 250mm to 500mm and can be extended up to 750mm with the pipe extension accessory. The pipe diameter is 165mm and recommends a hole diameter of 165 - 180mm

Thin wall cowl

An additional metal thin wall cowl can be installed to the external wall allowing the unit to be fitted to wall as narrow as 185mm (other colors options available to order)

Available as standard in black and white (other colors options available to order)

Colored wall Cowls

A range of external metal wall cowls are available in stainless steel or Black (other colors options available to order)

BPC Support

We don’t sell boxes we provide a service that few can match

  • Free Lifetime Technical support on purchased items
  • Largest independent MVHR suppliers
  • Lowest cost on full systems guarantees
  • Inhouse design Team
  • Inhouse certified training
  • Largest rage and stock available
  • Worldwide delivery options
  • Solutions available from Value to prestige housing




Technical Specification

Technical Drawing


BPC have years of experience in delivering equipment around the UK and other Worldwide destinations. Our dedicated dispatch team work hard to ensure the highest standards are met so that your goods arrive on-time and in pristine condition.

Our market knowledge and experience allow us to match our service to meet your requirements swiftly and safely.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery on any order over £100 to any mainland UK or Ireland address  

Worldwide Delivery

Worldwide delivery is possible on almost all our products at low costs, delivery to countries outside the EU are normally delivered to the nearest customs office, port or terminal for the purchaser to collect and complete custom clearance.

Please contact us to confirm shipping cost and availability.  

End-To-End Support Delivery is available within 48-72 hrs, depending on method of transport, for hundreds of stock items.

Customers receiving a pallet delivery will be emailed on day of dispatch advising of delivery date. Parcel deliveries will be notified via email or SMS directly from DPD.

These checks are part of a unique commitment to building relationships with customers, understanding their specific delivery needs and responding to them positively and promptly.  

We deliver on Service

Key components such as ductwork and fittings plus the most popular selling MVHR units are kept in stock in our UK-based warehouse, which means that you receive the best possible delivery dates.

All goods are expertly packed by a professional team so that your equipment is received in pristine condition ready for installation.

All deliveries co-ordinated to suit your specific requirements and construction programme.

Delivery Partners

We only use the couriers with the highest standard of service that include

  • Fastway
  • DPD
  • Montgomery Transport
  • Liam Connolly Roadfreight Ltd
  • Europa Worldwide


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