Investments in the latest technologies allow KOMFOVENT to offer a wide range of products to different segments of the ventilation market, ranging from large industrial enterprises and production facilities to offices, cafes, and hotels, as well as individual customer apartments and houses.

The Komfovent Domekt range of heat recovery units are high-quality rotary wheel units suitable for new house sizes up to 480m2.

“We highly recommend these units for someone only looking for the best as this new range of efficient rotary wheel units are one of the most advanced and superior built units available with few rivals, they are also suitable for all climates and countries”


  • Interactive Smart control
  • Super Quiet with insulated construction
  • Internal Post heater
  • No drain or pre-heater required
  • Vertical installation with optional cooker connection
  • Highly efficient EC fans
  • 100% summer bypass
  • M5 filtration
  • ‘A+’ energy rating
  • Next Generation rotary heat exchanger
  • Fireplace and holiday settings
  • CAV -VAV-DCV airflow control
  • IAQ* Humidity*, Co2*, temperature control
  • Plug and play easy installation
  • Humidity control is an optional extra & not standard equipment

*Additional accessories may be required


The Domekt units feature an integrated smart control system allowing you to control your system without constant adjustments via the Komfovent Home application on your home computer or mobile device, the unit also has an additional hard wired digital remote control if required.



Komfovent RHP range is an air handling unit with an integrated heat pump ideally suited to providing additional heating & cooling.  This unit features all HVAC systems in one unit providing complete indoor microclimate control and is suitable for homes up to 500m2.

“We highly recommend these units for someone only looking for the best as this new range of innovative units with integrated heat pump. This unit range is the most advanced and superior in its class with its two-stage energy recovery by a rotary heat exchanger and heat pump, there is no other unit available like this. Units are suitable for all climates and countries.”


  • Extremely high energy efficiency
  • Provides total comfort all year long
  • Supplies fresh, clean and dust free air
  • Heating and humidity recovery in winter
  • Cooling and dehumidifying in summer
  • Plug and play installation
  • Compact design
  • Provides Ventilation, Cooling, supplementary heating, air filtration & humidity

To reach maximum efficiency these units are designed to recover energy in two steps.

STEP 1: Recovery by enthalpy rotary heat exchanger.

STEP 2: Recovery by a reversible heat pump.

COOLING MODE - due to cooling recovery by the rotary heat exchanger, the air temperature after the rotor is lower than the outside air temperature. Condensation temperature in this case is lower, which results in reduced compressor electricity consumption compared with an outdoor condensing unit.

HEATING MODE - a highly efficient rotary heat exchanger is used for first-stage heat recovery,
recovering the biggest part of the heat of extracted air. For second-stage heat recovery and supply air temperature control, a heat pump is used.