BSK have been based since 2007 in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul with their large factory, office block plus state-of-the-art R & D centre. BSK started manufacturing with range of ventilation products comprising of, grilles, diffusers, louvres, sound attenuators, control and access covers, dampers, HEPA filter boxes plus various types of plenum boxes.

In 2012 BSK started producing ventilation & air conditioning units alongside their existing range of ventilation products, BSK continual expansion over the years has been largely down to the investment in a large and now very successful, product development department which was established in 2011.

BSK has been at the forefront of the European ventilation industry, as a producer of ventilation units and associated components, by matching their advanced technology to the continually changing market requirements in many different ventilation sectors, from domestic to commercial throughout Europe and beyond.

Primary examples of the BSK`s expertise would include: -

BSK Scholar High Efficiency Heat Recovery Units

BSK Scholar are high efficiency, heat recovery, decentralised units which are specially designed for classrooms, meeting rooms or offices without existing ventilation systems.

This range of MVHR units provides 100% fresh preheated & filtered air to the classroom or office, while exhausting the stale air.

Two Models Available

BSK Scholar 500 & BSK Scholar 700 with 500 m3/h & 700 m3/h max air flow rates respectively.

High efficiency heat exchange system with EC Fans

High efficiency hexagonal counter flow plastic plate heat exchangers offer`s up to 95% thermal efficiency. The fans are self-motorized with energy saving EC motors and are extremely quiet in operation.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) Control

Built-in carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor can automatically control the BSK Heat Recovery Unit fan speeds from normal to Boost. When a set level of CO2 is reached in a classroom or office the device speeds up to deal with higher CO2 levels and decreases when CO2 levels are low / normal.

Silent Running

The metal casing is double walled, with 25mm insulation material in-between to ensure both high thermal performance and low noise levels. There are also special silencers on both intake and supply vents to ensure a quite environment for classrooms and offices.

Summer Bypass

BSK Heat Recovery Units automatically switch to Summer Bypass mode, which means that the unit will bypass the heat recovery aspect so that the heat is not transferred into the incoming air, allowing cooler air from outside to be filtered and then pass directly into the classroom or office, which helps to cool the classroom or office in hot summer weather.

Modbus Compatible

The units use Modbus protocol to connect and communicate with your building management system and report malfunctions or periodic maintenance. You can monitor and control your device through a computer or a central system.


The BSK Zephyr Single Room Heat Recovery unit is an intelligent, connected and highly efficient easy-to-install ventilation solution.


  • Easy Setup
  • Supplied as a compete kit for through wall installation
  • 90% Efficiency
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Silent Operation
  • Wi – Fi & IR Remote Control
  • Dual Air Filters
  • Night Mode for Complete Silent Operation
  • Built in Humidity Sensor


At the core of BSK Zephyr lies a ceramic heat recuperator coupled with a 2-way fan.

The device runs at a 70second periodic cycle of air intake and exhaustion.


Aspiration Phase


For 70 seconds, the device will extract warm inside air, charging the ceramic heat exchanger core.

The core will heat up.


Ventilation Phase


For 70 seconds, the device will supply fresh air from outside, heating it up with the stored energy of the

ceramic heat exchanger.



2500 & 1500 m3/h maximum airflow AHU c/w EC motors & efficient heat exchanger, suitable for ceiling void installation.

  • BRHR Plus series heat recovery units are high-capacity ceiling-type units suited for commercial use.
  • Offering up to 90% thermal efficiency & high capacities to meet your air flow needs up to 4000 m3/h.
  • BSK AHUs are designed to be plug & play
  • Equipped with advanced automatic control options
  • Standard G4 filters
  • By-pass damper for free cooling, along with temperature & humidity sensors
  • High-efficiency hexagonal counterflow aluminium plated heat exchangers
  • Free-Cooling
  • Humidity Control
  • Defrost mode
  • Modbus Compatible


  • BRHR Plus range offers coverage from 500 to 4000 m³/h across 7 models, designed for commercial applications such as offices & institutions.
  • The thin, flat profile is perfect for ceiling mounting.
  • Galvanized steel sheet casing with insulated interior using thermal & acoustic insulation foam for silent operation & maximum efficiency
  • Aluminium-plated, counter-flow heat exchangers with up to 90% high thermal efficiency
  • Self-motorized EC fans with low power consumption, noise levels & allowing precise % speed control
  • G4 grade filters with optional F7 grade upgrades, differential pressure-controlled status
  • check for filters
  • Easy access to side panels for filters & fan maintenance & repairs
  • Plug & play out of the box, no need to wire internal cables for power or accessories
  • Wide range of accessories to choose from, including pre-heater, water heater, electrical heater, CO 2  sensor, room humidity sensor, silencers, & custom PCBs
  • The Modbus-compatible operation, is perfect for building management systems & automatic control
  • Extensive control options including free cooling, boost, & defrost modes,  automated weekly schedules, & temperature or humidity-triggered automatic operation