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Coronavirus. It’s a word that everyone is fed up hearing over the past two years.

However, it has been effective in proving the need of good ventilation within indoor spaces. With it being almost two years into the pandemic, Coronavirus is still spreading rapidly through the classrooms with many pupils and teachers isolating across the whole of the UK. This has ultimately led to the Government now being put under pressure to provide more funding for schools, with ventilation being a main priority -

What’s going on in schools?

Cold classrooms are now becoming the norm with windows open constantly to try and allow a clear airflow to slow down the spread of the virus. However, with winter now upon us, there is a lot of pressure being put on the Government to act now and provide proper ventilation within all schools, something that SAGE recommended at the start of the pandemic. In England alone, at the start of December, over 236,000 pupils were absent from school due to covid-related issues, highlighting the massive issue that is at hand currently.

Clean air needs to be spread through classrooms to help avoid potential clusters of the virus and ensure that the children are getting access to the educational services that they require, without the risk to their health.

Adequate ventilation reduces how much virus is in the air. It helps reduce the risk from aerosol transmission, when someone breathes in small particles (aerosols) in the air after a person with the virus has been in the same enclosed area.

The risk is greater in areas that are poorly ventilated. However, whilst ventilation reduces the aerosol risk, it has minimal impact on droplet transmission, where people are within two metres of each other, and contact transmission, touching surfaces. This highlights the importance that good ventilation and social distancing can play in schools to avoid a high transmission of the virus.

Although the current pandemic has highlighted these issues in schools all across the UK, this is an issue that has been ongoing for many years. The benefits of ensuring and using adequate ventilation are clear during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the benefits extend beyond Covid-19 and any investment will be effective post Covid. For example, decreasing CO2 levels will have a positive impact on the ability of pupils to learn.

Ventilation does not only remove Covid-19, but also many other viruses and pathogens. Increasing ventilation, combined with the use of air filters and enhanced cleaning routines, could reduce levels of general sickness absence, again improving educational outcomes and reducing costs.

Without implementing adequate control measures, including increased ventilation, the risk of Covid-19 outbreaks remains high in classrooms across the UK even with more people receiving their vaccinations. This brings the risk of continued levels of disruption to the education system and children not getting the level of education that is to be expected.

How can we help?

There is no doubt that ventilation can take a big step forward in providing a safer learning environment in schools across the UK for both the pupils and the staff when combined with the other preventative measures that are already in place.

Luckily, we at BPC are the number one leading ventilation specialists and we have the solution. The BSK Scholar 700 HVR unit is specifically designed for classrooms and provides 100% fresh air into the area whilst exhausting dirty air. The fresh air is passed through a double filter system which gets rid of all of the harmful particles to ensure that only fresh air is produced into the classroom.

Due to the highly efficiency counter flow heat exchanger inside, the heat energy of the exhausted air is used to heat up the fresh taken from outside. No energy is wasted for this passive heating process. In this way, you can significantly decrease your heating costs against conventional ventilation methods.

We currently have the BSK Scholar 700 HVR Unit in stock and ready for immediate dispatch, ensuring that schools could have a proper ventilation system in place for the new school term after the Christmas break. With straightforward installation and causing very little disruption, the BSK Scholar 700 HVR Unit is the ideal solution for existing schools. To view the unit on our website, please click here -

At BPC Ventilation, we offer a lower price guarantee and with this, if you can find the exact same system at a cheaper rate elsewhere we will be happy to match the price. We have a large installer network throughout the whole of the UK which means that we will be able to recommend reliable and trusted installers to fit your system for you or you can fit it yourself with our handy guides and installation videos.

With our free bespoke design service and a dedicated sales and technical team, you can ensure that all of your ventilation needs will be met and the products and knowledge that you receive will be exactly what you require.

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