Office MVHR systems

Office Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery systems (MVHR) are an ideal solution for offices and can provide better employee productivity and great savings in heating costs.

Adequate ventilation is an important factor to avoid drowsiness and lack of concentration. On the other hand, cold drafts should be avoided, which can cause employees working in uncomfortable conditions and possible sickness.

In comparison with air conditioning for offices, MVHR systems use only little energy and don’t re-cycle any air, which can have health implications if the air conditioning system is not serviced regularly.

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Commercial buildings are becoming increasingly airtight. Whilst this will improve energy efficiency by reducing heat loss, it will negatively affect indoor air quality unless adequate ventilation is addressed.

  • Almost 70% of office workers believe that poor air quality was having a negative effect on their wellbeing and productivity.
  • Over 90% of office workers believe that Air conditioning supplied fresh air
  • Almost 50% of new offices do not have opening windows
  • Over 30% of your life is spent at work
  • Over 70% of offices suffer from inadequate ventilation

Effectively ‘sealing in’ indoor air can expose building occupants to high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and microbial pathogens that can lead to asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues — as well as effecting the fabric of the building itself.

An effective way to ventilate a commercial property would be using a system that not only extracts stale, unhygienic air but also filters in clean, unpolluted air whilst lowering the environmental impact of a commercial building.

Heat recovery systems are an ideal solution for offices as (MVHR) systems do just this by extracting air from inside a building and reclaiming its heat energy via a heat exchanger, which then pre-warms the incoming clean, fresh air that is constantly brought in from outside and circulated within the building. MVHR units recover heat that would normally be lost as part of the ventilation process and, as a result, reduce heat and energy wastage and for airtight buildings about 30% on heating can be saved.

When looking for an MVHR system it is important to consider a model that uses high-performance exchangers to transfer recovered heat from warm to cold air. Systems are available that can even achieve up to 95% thermal efficiency, which can reduce overall costs by up to 30% as less energy is required to heat incoming air.

"The good news is that there are a wide variety of MVHR units available from BPC ventilation to suit all types of installations."

HRV systems often provide no active cooling, as AC systems do but MVHR systems can be supplied with an automated summer by-pass by that brings in un-pre-heated air from the outside when the internal temperatures exceed a certain threshold. The system goes back in heat recovery mode when the temperatures drop below the threshold. We also recommend that the architectural design shields the building from excessive solar gains, e.g. by natural summer shading.

Our range of units can be specified for a single room to multi-level office blocks for example, the Mitsubishi single room unit provides a highly effective ventilation solution for a small office or meeting room and the Caladair Exaeco can supply an office with enough fresh filtered air for up to 4,000 staff.

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These highly efficient systems also have a 100% adjustable digital control compatible with building-management systems (BMS). And have multiple control options like area zoning to Co2 demand control.

Air Filtration can be very important, and all our units can be fitted with G4 and F7 filters that improve the air quality within the building preventing airborne dirt and pollen from entering the office, effectively protecting those with allergies and hay fever.

The ventilation requirement is mostly depending on the number of people the office is designed for. A guideline value for the fresh air supply is 30-36 m3/h per person or a recommended air change per hour. A detailed ventilation planning is necessary, which is best done in the early design stages.

Additionally, the Caladair Thermover Air handling units are a complete plug and play system with heating cooling and MVHR ventilation all in one compact unit this both increases efficiencies and required space.

All the Caladair units also have the option to fit heating or cooler batteries connected to your heating and air conditioning systems.


Installing a MVHR system to a office will improve performance and the health and wellbeing of all who work there and BPC Ventilation can design and propose a suitable system for you.

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