Central Vacuum DIY Kits

Installation of a Sach Central Vacuum Systems is simple in any home

For the do-it-yourselfer or the seasoned contractor alike, BPC Ventilation provides an assortment of kits that contain almost everything and more to complete a do-it-yourself installation both in existing homes and homes under construction.

Our DIY kits are unlike any other “kits” as they are packed only with premium and upgraded parts to ensure not only ease of installation, but more importantly a properly running system for decades to come.

If you can use a hand saw, drill and screwdriver, you can install a Sachvac Central Vacuum System in just one or two days, just follow the well-illustrated step by step installation guide.

Our installation kits are available in a multitude of configurations to complete the installation and each kit contains various lengths of PVC piping, all the fittings (elbows, couplings etc.) low voltage wiring, tie wraps, PVC solvent, mounting brackets as well as inlet valves necessary to assemble the piping network.

A simple guide on choosing the correct kit

1- Locate your inlets

Using an 8 meter, 10 meter or 12 meter rope, find the best location to install your inlets in order to cover maximum floor space. More than one inlet per floor may be required.

2- Plan your installation

Carefully plan your installation with the help of our INSTALLATION GUIDE.

3- Choose your kit

According to the number of inlets to install, choose the right installation material.