Ventilation Design Service

A professionally designed ventilation plan is important, ensuring that your ventilation system is fit for purpose

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When investing in a ventilation or central vacuum system, you want to ensure that it is going to do what it is supposed to do. Having a ventilation design carried out by a company that specialises in ventilation design, such as BPC, is worthwhile for DIY installs or for your own company to install.

At BPC we have our own in-house professionally trained CAD technicians that can design your system for you. It reduces overall costs and ensures a better selection of materials, a superior design and is overseen by our in-house technical and sales teams. 

BPC can provide in-house design services for a range of systems including:

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
  • Central Vacuum Systems
  • Extraction Systems
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation
  • Positive Ventilation
  • Small Scale Commercial Applications

BPC have extensive design experience in both new-build and refurbishment projects including all types and sizes of residential homes, offices and small commercial applications.

Cost of our MVHR and Central Vacuum Design Service

We require a £100 (+VAT) design retainer free, this is refunded from your final invoice.

Mechanical Extraction Ventilation (MEV) and Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system design may require an additional fee.

What Will I Expect?

We can accept plans in almost any format and when complete all plans will:

  • Clearly note all duct runs
  • Contain all ductwork sizes
  • Provide air flow rates
  • Available in both CAD and PDF format

All required parts and proposed suitable options of ventilation units will be provided on the quotation.

Send Us Your Plans to receive a FREE estimate with a detailed list of suitable systems including a list of required materials that are directly tailored to your project.

Requirement for a MVHR design before purchase?

When designing a new home, we know that sometimes it is required to be signed off with the local council or building control. It is important to see the ventilation design and specification included with the application.

To meet this need, BPC offers a complete bespoke in-house system design service so that you can benefit from our expertise in designing ventilation systems before anything is agreed.

The cost of a professional in-house design for a domestic house is from just £100 +vat with up to 2 amendments, the fee will be discounted from your final invoice.

Who Does the Design?

BPC employ many professional CAD designers trained in ventilation systems that work in-house with our quantity surveyors and technical support team ensuring that you are provided with a bespoke solution that will ultimately provide a quiet and efficient system.

To maintain our own very high levels of quality design and unlike most of other ventilation company’s, it is very rare that any of our work is outsourced to any other company. 

What is The Normal Process?

  • Send us your plans
  • We will contact you to discuss project
  • A draft plan will be constructed to cost system
  • We will provide a free estimate with list of suitable systems for you
  • The system is agreed with a £100 (+VAT) retainer fee (refunded on final invoice)
  • We work on a detailed plan
  • Plan and final material list are agreed
  • Your system is delivered to site

Design Requirement for System Quotations?

Comparing quotes for ventilation systems can be a minefield, often the systems being quoted for are not comparable. It can be difficult to decipher differences in systems, having a design done by BPC will ensure that all suppliers are quoted on the same design and offer a true cost comparison.

There is a small retainer for our design service, but the client can be confident that the design they are using will offer a quiet and efficient system.

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