Commercial Sales and Design

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Commercial Sales and Design

BPC supply a large range of commercial ventilation products for a range of commercial applications including including offices, schools, crèches, domestic pools, sports halls, sports halls, domestic pools and retail establishments to any location throughout the UK and Ireland. 

Commercial Systems

"We work closely with clients to develop bespoke solutions for their requirements"

How does a commercial heat recovery work (MVHR)?

Heat recovery units are supply and extract ventilation units that deliver fresh, filtered air into a building whilst extracting stale air. Each unit has a heat recovery element (thermal wheel, plate heat exchanger or run around coil) that is capable of transferring the heat that would usually be lost.

Thermal wheels are between 80% and 90% efficient and are often used for larger projects where replacing heat loss can be costly. Plate heat exchangers are also usually between 80% and 90% efficient, due to their low profile they are ideal for installations in applications where space is restricted such as ceiling voids.

Run-around coil exchangers are used when you need to extract the heat from an exhaust airstream which could be dirty or contaminated – for example in a commercial kitchen. A run around coil users’ water in the exhaust coil to absorb exhaust heat energy which is then pumped to a coil positioned in the supply airstream where heat is transferred.

If required, a commercial MVHR system can be adapted to include additional filtration, incorporate cooling and sophisticated control packages.

Bespoke Air Handling Units (AHU)

At BPC, we can provide tailor made modules designed to suit specific project requirements such as supplying filtered air with heating and cooling options in large industrial applications like hotels and hospitals.

 "We can help you chose the correct system"

In-House Design and Consultation

BPC have a number of in-house technical experts and CAD designers that can provide a bespoke consultation and design service with a range of duct sizes, layouts and flow rates.

We specialise in easy to install and plug and play commercial heat recovery and ventilation systems from the leading manufacturers of commercial ventilation systems including Caladair, Lindab, Vent Axia, Xpelair and Mitsubishi.

Due to costs etc, this service is only available to smaller commercial systems. For larger commercial systems we recommended a consultant is employed to details the specification required.

Send us a set of plans and we will provide a free quotation with a number of ventilation options!!!


We have a stock of a large range of commercial ventilation products and off the shelf MVHR units that are ready for next day dispatch in our modern warehouse.

Bespoke commercial heat recovery units and air handling units with specific requirements are hand made in the factory and can have a lead time of between 1 and 4 weeks depending on the unit and the manufacturer.

Installation and Commissioning

We have an installation service carried out by our own network of trained and certified installers throughout the UK and Ireland that can either install the complete system or just connect the unit and commission for you at an affordable cost.

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