Nuaire’s MVHR systems, available from BPC Ventilation, provide optimised, balanced ventilation with heat recovery with 95% efficiency. The systems will quietly and efficiently provide the home fresh, filtered air all year round, improving the indoor air quality and reducing dust and allergen levels.

The New MRXBOXAB-ECO5 (with automatic bypass) range of heat recovery systems are designed for medium to large sized new build houses and apartments.

The ECO5 unit comes in the same sized case as the ECO3 units, has high airflow at selected duty points, and low Specific Fan Power (SFP). 


  • High Efficiency - Heat exchanger is up to 95% efficient resulting in low SPFs and a high SAP score.
  • Healthy Living Environment - Improves indoor air quality and prevents condensation by keep moisture levels low.
  • Meets Regulations - SAP recognised and met Part F & L of Building Regulations.
  • Lightweight and Compact Design - Can be mounted on a wall or in a cupboard, reducing overall noise levels and making less obtrusive for occupants.
  • Low Maintenance Costs - Easily accessible filters from front cover and no tools required.
  • The MMRXBOX-ECO5 is a compact heat recovery unit that provides optimised, balanced supply and mechanical extract ventilation with heat recovery of up to 90% for properties of up to 260m2.  
  • It has a low Specific Fan Power (SFP) rating, low running costs, and uses low voltage DC fans but can effectively and quietly ventilate the kitchen and up to eight wet rooms.  

Key Features:

  • Meets the latest building control regulations.
  • Integral humidity sensor
  • Up to 95% Heat recovery
  • Summer Bypass 
  • Suitable for houses up to 260m2.
  • Fully serviceable unit with all parts accessible
  • 5-year warranty: 1-year parts and labour, remaining years parts only
  • In addition to a choice of compatible ducting systems a full range of controls, sensors, in-line silencers, floor/wall/ceiling inlet and outlet diffusers are available to complete the installation.

Technical Features:

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 623 x 658 x 585 (mm)
  • 2 x G3 easy to clean or replace filters.
  • EPP construction with a metal outer cover.
  • The unit has 2 x low energy, volume DC motors.
  • Measures humidity/moisture in kitchen and bathroom(s) and automatically boosts when above normal.
  • Installation is recommended onto a secure wall.
  • The condensate drain is fitted to the bottom of the unit, we recommend that a flexible connection is fitted between the drain and overflow pipe.


The unit can be controlled by manual speed settings on the unit with additional boost switches and sensors or with the use of an optional 3 speed controller.

The units have two speeds and is adjusted manually by a boost switch, the fans can be independently adjusted at the unit with potometers located at the front of the unit, all versions have the following functions integrally mounted within the fan unit on a purpose made PCB, all such components pre-wired and factory fitted by the manufacturer:

  • Independent control of background supply and extract flow rates
  • Independent control of boost speed supply and extract flow rates 
  • Integral heat exchanger frost protection
  • Integral adjustable run-on timer
  • Fan failure indication
  • Integral S/L terminal for boost from remote switch, e.g., light switch
  • Indication and controls – The unit also has clear LED visual indication for maintenance, servicing, and operation mode, i.e., summer bypass, frost protection.


All centralised mechanical ventilation units require good quality compatible ducting installed to a high standard. To ensure the best results, we recommend the innovative Quiet-Vent semi-rigid ducting system, available from BPC Ventilation, to be used with heat recovery ventilation systems.

In addition to a choice of Quiet-Vent compatible ducting systems, a full range of controls, sensors, in-line silencers, floor/wall/ceiling inlet and outlet diffusers are also available from BPC Ventilation to complete the installation.

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