Using airtightness products during construction can greatly improve the energy efficiency, indoor comfort, and durability of a building. By reducing air leaks, these products can keep warm air inside during winter and hot air outside
during summer, leading to lower heating and cooling costs. Airtightness products also improve indoor air quality, increase overall comfort, and contribute to a more sustainable future by reducing a building’s carbon footprint. Additionally, airtightness products are designed to withstand the elements and maintain their effectiveness over time, ensuring long-term benefits for the building and its occupants.

Gerband airtightness products can provide several benefits in construction:

  • Energy Efficiency: Gerband products help to reduce heat loss and improve insulation, leading to a more energy-efficient building
  • Increased Indoor Comfort: By reducing air leaks, Gerband products can improve indoor air quality and increase overall comfort
  • Lower Costs: Using Gerband products can reduce heating and cooling costs, leading to cost savings over time
  • Improved Durability: Gerband products are designed to withstand the elements and maintain their airtightness over time, improving the overall durability of the building
  • Better for the Environment: By reducing energy use and improving insulation, Gerband products can help to reduce a building’s carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future


Gerband 586 Sealing Tape (60mm x 25m)

Gerband 586 Airtight Tape offers permanent adhesion as well as outstanding ageing resistance.
It is a pliable and stretchable PE-film sealing tape with moisture-resistant, polyacrylate adhesive of
extremely high tack. The slight elasticity in connection with tear resistant thread reinforcement
makes the  Gerband 586  Airtight Tape universally suitable for achieving airtightness as well as sealing
many types of surfaces. While the PET reinforcement helps prevent over-expansion of the
adhesive tape, it has a very aggressive adhesive. It even sticks at extremely low temperatures and
conforms to DIN 4108-7.

As a result, our Airtight Tape might be used indoors for the airtight bonding of wind and vapour
barriers. Due to its specification – you can use it in non-visible areas of building components and on
impact resistant plastics (pipes, windows), wood or metal. Finally, it is available in various sizes, from

Suitable Substrates

  • Wood (especially Hard wood-based panel materials)
  • Gypsum fibreboards
  • Plasterboards
  • Cement fibreboards
  • Metals
  • Hard plastics and electric cables

Suitable Membranes

  • Vapour control layers/retarder sheeting
  • Smooth to rough PE/PA/PO/PP sheeting, Kraft papers, Aluminium membranes


Gerband 350.10 Window Tape (75mm x 25m)

Gerband 350 joint-sealing tape non-permeable joint-sealing tape for windows and doors; can be plastered over

  • Speciality press cut (patent pending) provides for a very good bond with all kinds of plaster, suitable for application at low temperatures
  • Adheres to most wall construction materials, e.g., wood, brick, concrete, and plaster


Gerband SD2 Control Airtightness Membrane (1.5m x 50m)

Gerband SD Control Airtight Membrane enables airtightness and vapour control in roof and wall constructions.
Gerband SD Control Airtight Membrane is a reliable vapour control layer. During the winter it reliably prevents diffusion of interior humidity into the roof and wall construction whereas during summer it allows for back fusion from the insulation as well as the wall and roof construction.

This prevents condensation that facilitates mildew growth and constructional damages.
The excellent ageing resistance of the Gerband SD Control secures the function over years. Gerband SD Control is best while being used indoors as a vapour barrier. This is to build an airtight layer for the protection of the construction according to DIN 4108.


  • Double-layered laminated film
  • Outstanding ageing resistance


  • White, printed

Finally – the CE sign according to DIN EN 13984 gives the necessary security for the application on
the construction site according to all valid requirements of the ENEV and construction standards.