Heatpex Aria High Quality Modular ducting system has the highest air tightness rating and can be easily adapted for multiple configurations from a 7-point side entry to a 20-point top entry distribution box. The radial pipework is antibacterial lined is easy to bend and has excellent crush resistance.

  • Highest airtightness rating
  • Distribution boxes have multiple configurations
  • Radial pipe has an Antibacterial lining
  • Pipe plenums accept up to 3 pipes
  • All airtight seals are silicone based

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The HeatPex Aria system has been designed with both the house the owners and installers desire for a comprehensive solution for single-family houses. HeatPex Aria is a modern technology that meets the specific needs of users.

Air distribution in ventilation ducting systems provided by HeatPex provides:

- energy efficiency through reduced heat loss
- fresh filtered air supplied throughout the house
- reduced outside noise pollution
- alleviated symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers
- unpleasant odours eliminated
- control of moisture and condensation

The HeatPex Aria Ducting for Ventilation Systems

HeatPex Aria is one of the first heat recovery ventilation systems compliant with the requirements of the highest airtightness class, i.e. ATC 1. This means that users can enjoy low operating costs and the supply of top-quality air.

This ducting system is the perfect addition to your home alongside your choice of Heat Recovery unit. HeatPex Aria system will efficiently distribute clean, fresh air throughout your home. It will supply fresh air to your living spaces such as living rooms & bedrooms and remove polluted air from your kitchen, bathrooms, en suites and utility areas.

An air handling unit with heat recovery is responsible for forcing the flow of air. The unit sucks in fresh outdoor air and uses the filters inside the unit to remove pollutants from the air before it is supplied to the inside of the building. The unit also removes dirty indoor air from the house.

The range includes antibacterial pipe, 3 connection plenums, and all the connectors and parts that you need to fit the system together. Heatpex Aria is an air distribution system design for heat recovery ventilation and is one the easiest and fastest ducting systems to install. The one-click technology is Heatpex’s patented system where all elements can be easily connected with one simple click, no tools required!

The compact dimensions of the system are ideal and suitable for installation below screed flooring, in suspended ceilings or places with little space.


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