In an age when the home is increasingly becoming a sanctuary, ensuring a healthy and comfortable indoor environment is more important than ever. The Ebac VA32 is a brilliant gateway to a healthier lifestyle. This MVHR system brings a blend of efficiency, control, and quality that redefines what it means to breathe clean air at home.

Unmatched Efficiency That Cares for the Planet

The Ebac VA32 is a testament to what modern technology can achieve. Its up to 88% heat recovery efficiency represents a commitment to using less energy and reducing our carbon footprint without compromising on comfort. Imagine chilly winters and warm summers balanced with perfect indoor air that’s both fresh and inviting—that’s the promise of Ebac VA32.

Adaptable Design for Every Space

Whether you have a cosy studio or a huge mansion, the VA32 adapts effortlessly. Available in both right-handed (VA32RWH) and left-handed (VA32LWH) configurations and with options for wall mounting or freestanding installation, this system fits your space and your style. With a thoughtful 125mm duct connection, it integrates smoothly into any architectural plan.

A Filter that Does More

Step into a home that feels palpably cleaner. The Ebac VA32’s dual G4, 90% filters work tirelessly to scrub the air of impurities, ensuring that every breath you take is free of allergens and pollutants. This is more than comfort - it’s a shield against the external environment, a guardian of your health.

SMART Control: The Heart of Ebac VA32

The SMART Control is like having a vigilant caretaker for your home’s air quality. By constantly adjusting to the live readings of your home’s climate, it predicts and optimises. This means the system works only when needed, extending its lifespan and saving on energy costs, all while ensuring optimal comfort.

Your Comfort, Tailored

With features like silent hours, the VA32 respects your peace, reducing its operation to whispers when you need quiet the most. Meanwhile, the summer purge feature is a boon during hot months, allowing the system to bypass the heat exchanger to provide cooler, filtered air directly from outside.

Sensors That Sense More

Equipped with both CO2 and humidity sensors, the VA32 goes beyond basic ventilation - it ensures your air is not just fresh but right. These sensors help maintain a balanced indoor atmosphere, making your home not only comfortable but genuinely healthier.

Why the Ebac VA32 is More Than Just Ventilation

Choosing the Ebac VA32 is choosing a lifestyle where health, comfort, and sustainability are intertwined. This system represents a leap forward in home ventilation technology, with a focus on making your living space not only more livable but truly lovable.

From its high-efficiency recovery rates to its intelligent controls and superior filtration, every feature of the VA32 is designed with your well-being in mind. It’s not just about moving air; it’s about enhancing life with every breath you take.

The Ebac VA32 is a core part of your home’s health ecosystem. As we spend more time indoors, the quality of our air is not just a luxury - it’s a necessity. With the VA32, breathe easier knowing that you’re surrounded by air that’s not only clean but intelligently managed to support your well-being and the environment.

Visit BPC Ventilation to discover how the Ebac VA32 can redefine the air you breathe at home. It’s time to take control of your indoor air quality and make your home a sanctuary of health and happiness.