The Rising Demand for Commercial Ventilation

Commercial spaces, such as offices, restaurants, or shopping centres, all require optimal air quality. Proper ventilation not only ensures a comfortable environment but also reduces the risk of airborne diseases and enhances energy efficiency.


The Zehnder Caladair Freetime First Eco 3500 Unit

The Zehnder Caladair unit is a testament to innovation in commercial ventilation. Designed for efficiency, it boasts features that ensure optimal air quality while being energy efficient. Its constant pressure airflow, remote LCD display panel, and durable build make it a preferred choice for businesses across various sectors.


Exclusive Clearance Offer

For businesses looking for top-tier ventilation solutions at a special price, we have two reduced-price clearance units available:

The exact pricing for these units is available upon request. We encourage interested parties to contact our sales team directly to get more details and secure these units at a special rate.


Why BPC Recommends the Zehnder Caladair Unit

At BPC, our aim is to provide solutions that match our stringent quality standards. The Zehnder Caladair unit aligns perfectly with our values, offering reliability and performance. Numerous organisations have already benefited from its installation, experiencing improved air quality and energy savings.


The Technical Edge

Armed with expertise and experience, BPC's technical team ensures that the Zehnder Caladair unit delivers its best. From design considerations to post-installation support, our team guides and assists, ensuring your business reaps the full benefits of your investment.


DIY Kits and Installation

BPC's innovative approach extends to our MVHR DIY kits, designed for ease and efficiency. Especially with the Zehnder Caladair unit, businesses can expect a hassle-free installation process. And for those who prefer professional installation, BPC's extensive network of trusted installers is always ready to assist.


The Road to Successful Commercial Ventilation with BPC

Choosing BPC means embarking on a seamless and stress-free installation process. From the moment you send in your plans to the final confirmation, our team ensures a smooth experience. With the Zehnder Caladair unit, you can expect a tailored approach with detailed plans, material lists, and constant technical support.


Leading the Way with Top Brands

While the Zehnder Caladair unit is undoubtedly a star in our range, BPC's commitment to quality extends to a range of top brands. From Vent-Axia to Panasonic, our diverse product range ensures you find the perfect fit for your business's unique needs.


The future of commercial spaces is intertwined with the quality of their ventilation. As businesses across the UK and Ireland prioritise this, the Zehnder Caladair Freetime First Eco 3500 MVHR Unit emerges as a frontrunner.


With BPC's expertise and commitment, your organisation can look forward to a future with optimal air quality, energy efficiency, and unmatched support.


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