In today’s environmentally conscious world, maintaining optimal indoor air quality is crucial for health and comfort. The BSK Notus, brought to you by BPC Ventilation, is a standout solution that marries convenience with cutting-edge technology, ensuring your living space is comfortable and energy efficient.

Key Features of the BSK Notus

Versatile Design for Every Space

The BSK Notus is designed with flexibility in mind. It can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, making it a perfect fit for any room, regardless of layout or space constraints. This multi-orientation capability, combined with its lightweight design, ensures easy installation and integration into your home or office setting.

Advanced Heat Recovery Technology

At the core of the BSK Notus system lies a sophisticated heat exchanger that works tirelessly to optimise your indoor climate. This system extracts stale indoor air and simultaneously introduces fresh outdoor air. The heat recovery mechanism transfers heat from the outgoing stale air to the incoming fresh air, pre-conditioning it and thus significantly reducing the energy needed to bring it to the desired temperature.

High Performance with Controlled Operation

The BSK Notus boasts an impressive airflow rate of 350m3/h at 100Pa, making it robust enough to handle the demands of modern homes and busy commercial spaces. Equipped with fan speed controls, filter alarms, and sensor readings, this unit puts control at your fingertips. Whether it’s through the wired controller (sold separately) or the integral settings, you can customise the operation to suit your specific air quality needs.

User-Friendly Controls and Easy Maintenance

With the BSK Notus, simplicity is key. The unit features plug-and-play connections, with all electrical connections conveniently located on the exterior. This design allows for easy access and hassle-free setup - simply connect the necessary cables to their corresponding sockets and enjoy seamless operation from the get-go.

Responsive Humidity Control

Humidity levels play a significant role in both comfort and health. The built-in humidity sensor in the BSK Notus monitors the moisture levels of the returning air. The system automatically activates a humidity boost mode if these levels exceed your pre-set threshold. This mode adjusts fan speeds to quickly remove excess moisture, ensuring your environment remains comfortable and conducive to good health. Once optimal humidity levels are achieved, the system effortlessly returns to its regular operation.

Why Choose the BSK Notus?

Choosing the BSK Notus means choosing a system that understands the dynamics of modern indoor environments. 

Whether you are looking to improve the air quality in your home or enhance the environmental standards of a commercial space, the BSK Notus provides a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution. Its ability to adapt to different mounting orientations and the smart humidity control ensure that your spaces are not only well-ventilated but also comfortable and healthy.

The BSK Notus from BPC Ventilation represents a significant step forward in HVAC technology, designed to meet the demands of today’s energy-conscious and health-aware consumer. Its advanced features and flexible design allow it to transform how you experience indoor air quality.