The Airflow Adroit is a range of ventilation unit`s, with state-of-the-art technology plus triple filter design, integral CO2 sensor and a fully automatic digital control system that makes the Airflow Adroit range suitable for a wide range of homes, small & large.

Designed to provide essential ventilation and to save you money through its intelligent heat recovery facility, this system provides a cost- effective and environmentally friendly option for residential applications.

The Airflow Adroit range is designed to provide essential ventilation and to save money through its intelligent heat recovery facility. This system provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for residential applications and allows the user to control their indoor air environment at home or on the go via the Adroit ‘Cloud’ by smartphone, tablet, or PC.

  • Supply and extract air ventilation with heat recovery
  • Range of units for small, medium, and large-sized dwellings
  • Integral CO2 sensor
  • Fully automatic digital control system
  • Galvanised steel, powder coated double skin casing
  • Automatic, 100% summer by-pass ensures ventilation without adding to seasonal high indoor temperatures
  • Triple filter design (two G4 (ISO Coarse >75%) and one F7 (ISO ePM1 50%) filters)
  • ‘A’ energy rating
  • Internet control by smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Built-in humidity and carbon dioxide sensor
  • Optional smart frost protection
  • Optional built-in electric post heater
  • Outstanding 5 years warranty

The Airflow Adroit range consists of four MVHR units, ranging from the Airflow Adroit DV96, DV110, DV145 & DV245 making the range suitable for small, medium, and large-sized dwellings.

The Airflow Adroit range also has an EPH option, the EPH models have an internal 900-watt electric post heater and smart frost protection.

Fully Automatic Operation
An optional digital controller which incorporates four independent environmental profiles, weekly ventilation programming, and full internet control at home or on the go via the Adroit ‘Cloud’ for separate fan control for easy commissioning and the optional smart frost protection facility which significantly reduces the energy consumed to protect the heat exchanger from freezing during the winter season.

When fitted with an optional electric post-heater, the unit keeps the indoor air temperature at the required level thanks to the built-in temperature sensors. The unit is also equipped with an automatic, 100% bypass facility which fully isolates the heat exchanger at the pre-defined temperature and helps to effectively maintain a temperate indoor air climate during the summer months.

On-demand ventilation can be achieved by using optional external humidity and CO2 sensors which boost the air volume gradually based on the moisture and occupancy levels in the dwelling. It is also possible to integrate the unit into a Building Management System via the MODBUS or the optional KNX converter to monitor and control the unit’s functions by a central control system.

In conclusion, the Airflow Adroit range employs state-of-the-art technology and is a premium quality heat recovery ventilation unit but sold at cost-effective and affordable prices.