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Xpelair Natural Air 180 Heat Recovery System Kit

Xpelair Natural Air 180 Heat Recovery System Kit
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Xpelair Natural Air 180 Plus Heat Recovery Unit

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Xpelair Natural Air 180 Heat Recovery System Kit

Xpelair Natural Air 180 unit and complete Quiet-Vent radial ducting DIY ducting kit

Our Comprehensive DIY Kits have everything you should require to install a top quality Heat recovery system to building control regulations.  

Please note - You can purchase the heat recovery unit with or without the ductwork on this listing

This heat recovery unit and Standard semi rigid radial ducting kit meets the highest and latest Building Regulation requirements and are suitable for newly constructed homes and renovation projects

Please call our sales team on 028 2827 5150 / +353 1526 7452 if you would like more information about upgrading your kit


  • Xpelair natural air 180 heat recovery unit 
  • Will provide a quiet and efficient system that is suitable for any competent or trades-person to easily install  
  • All products in kits can be changed to suit your specific needs
  • Free delivery to UK Mainland or Ireland address, Worldwide Delivery is available 
  • Free Technical support by our in-house technical team (multiple telephone lines)
  • Free design service, Our In-house designers can provide a easy to follow plan to building control standards with required air flow rates
  • Commissioning, We have a network of commissioning engineers or we can supply you with a DIY air meter including a commissioning guide 
  • Installation, The systems are suitable for any competent person to install but we also have a large network of installers if required throughout the UK and Ireland if required
  • Kits and products are in stock ready for delivery
  • Any products not required can be returned (excluding return delivery cost)
  • Any extra products required will be discounted to the Kit Price (excluding delivery)

Xpelair Natural Air 180 Plus heat recovery unit – 93333AW

Xpelair Natural Air 180 Plus is the latest and most innovative heat recovery unit from Xpelair. The unit features an integral humidity sensor, a summer by-pass and a digital controller. The Natural Air 180 is built to German standards and is passive house approved. It is suitable for apartments and house sizes up to 150m2

This unit has a constant volume feature, guaranteeing that the pre-set airflow rates are always achieved, this is independent of any resistance in the duct system or the filters condition.

Xpelair Natural Air unit meets the latest Building Regulations Document Part F 2010, the unit also complies with Energy Saving Trust Best Practice.

Optional complete system using Quiet-Vent Semi Rigid radial ducting that provides a quiet and professional installation complying with all building control requirements.

Please note - You can purchase the heat recovery unit with or without the ductwork on this listing


  • Heat recovery up to 89%
  • Meets the latest building control regulations
  • Passive house approved - Sap Appendix Q listed
  • Integral humidity sensor
  • Can be installed in a kitchen cupboard
  • Complete with Digital control panel
  • Constant volume EC motors (Ghost air technology)
  • 100% Summer Bypass 
  • Specific fan power as low as 0.68 wls
  • Fully serviceable unit with all parts accessible
  • Unit Dimensions (W x H x D): 552 x 609 x 285(mm)
  • Unit Weight: 20kg
  • Packed Dimensons (W x H X D): 600 x 700 x 445 (mm)
  • Packed Weight: 22.8kg


This unit requires 2 x G3 filters

The control panel tells users when the filter needs changing. It’s set for a 2 – 12-month cycle, at run-time not lapsed-time, so it’s unaffected if the unit is switched off. Making it cheaper to replace than other filters on the market, yet just as effective 


A digital controller is supplied with the unit, it can be used to pre-set speeds to any required airflow within the performance range of the unit

The units boost function can be achieved with a range of additional switches or sensors, a momentary switch can be used if used with a timer box

Although the Natural Air 180 is designed to work for continuous trouble-free operation, it can also be tailored to individual needs using the control panel. Energy can be conserved by switching to night-time mode and holiday mode, which employs trickle ventilation overnight, during holidays or when the property is vacant. The system can also be purged whenever required by using boost switching. Summer bypass control and the active humidity setting enable the unit to adjust to warmer temperatures or rising humidity. The system also performs diagnostics and displays advisory codes to help technicians maintain the unit.

Designed to help landlords and local authorities reduce damage to their properties through condensation and mould, the Natural Air 180 has an integral datalogger, recording its daily use. This provides instant information, showing whether the unit has been in use or a tenant has switched it off. This information is easy to access and can be taken directly from the unit whenever the owner visits the property.

This unit is safe in the event of fire. If there is a fire, an automatic shutdown should fire alarm go off. Manual restart when the alarm stops.

Integral Humidity Sensor

Unique, active humidistat reacts in real-time to gradual increases in humidity – perfect for even the smallest wet room. Flow rate is boosted only as needed, minimising energy costs and further reducing acoustic output. No more nuisance tripping as night-time temperatures drop. You set the humidity threshold to suit conditions – factory setting for boost is a 4% humidity rise in 5 minutes


This unit is constructed of strong and compact, sound absorbing EPP construction, and the outer is constructed of a metal outer cover – this allows for easy wall mounting on a wall or in a cupboard


The unit has 2 x low energy, high efficiency Constant volume EC motors (Ghost air technology)

The Natural Air 180 uses Intelligent Adapt flow Sensing to deliver constant volume performance. The motor is constantly assessing the performance of the impeller and, when there is a consistent change in airflow, brought about by reduced efficiency or by a strong wind applying back pressure, the motor adjusts the speed of the fan to maintain a constant volume of extracted air.


This unit can be installed inside a 600mm wide kitchen cupboard

The Condensate drain is fitted to the bottom of the unit, we recommend that a flexible connection is fitted between the drain and overflow pipe

Dual condensate drains capture additional moisture generated in climate-controlled buildings

Electrical and control connections are made on the inside of unit


There is a choice of ducting systems to be able to complete the installation of this unit, there is also a full range of sensors, controllers, in-line silencers, floor/wall/ceiling inlet and outlet diffusers available

Benefits of working with BPC Ventilation

  • Number 1 leading MVHR and ventilation system specialists
  • Large range of systems for domestic and commercial applications
  • Authorised Xpelair distributors
  • In-house design service
  • Full technical support
  • 1000s of products in stock in our own warehouse
  • Large showroom with working units on display
  • Installer network throughout the UK and Ireland
  • All systems comply to all the latest building control regulations
Technical Specification

Technical Specification tab

The Xpelair Natural Air 180 has 3 models available 

Natural Air 180 - 93256AW - standard unit

Natural Air 180 Plus - 93333AW - with external sensor board (recommended)

Natural Air 180 PH - 93319AW - Passive house unit with sensor board and heater connection socketsOptional


Xpelair Natural Air 180 Plus



Heat Recovery efficiency %


Digital Controller


Boost Switch control


Interactive control


Humidity control

Internal sensor

Airflow rate Max m3/h


Airflow rate @ 100Pa m3/h


Max dwelling size M2

150 (uk)

Max room extraction

Kitchen plus 4 extraction points

Specific fan power (lowest)


Dimensions W x H x D (mm)

552 x 609 x 285




Yes 2 x G4

Pre/ Post Heater


Summer Bypass 


Frost protection 


Sound level @3m db.(a)



Floor / wall

Ductwork connections


Duct Diameter

4 x125mm

Condensate drain



2 year

Country of manufacture


Heat exchanger

Counterflow heat exchanger (PVC)

Available room sensors

Humidity, Timer, Pir





SAP Appendix Q


Fireplace mode


Alarm system integration


Passive House


ERP rating




Download Documentation
Xpelair Natural Air 180 Catalogue
Xpelair Natural Air 180 Installation Manual
Xpelair Natural Air 180 Timer Wiring Diagram
MVHR Buyers Guide
Ducting Buyers Guide
Further Information

Further Information

Xpelair Natural Air 180 using Quiet-Vent Semi Rigid Radial Ducting Kits

A Heat Recovery Ventilation System is Only as Good as the Ducting Used

Following years of experience in heat recovery systems, BPC Ventilation are now able to provide a range of high-quality kits that will provide a quiet and efficient system exceeding building control regulations and are suitable for any competent person to successfully install.

Our Quiet-Vent Radial Semi Rigid Ducting Kits combine the performance benefits of rigid duct and the installation benefits of flexible duct. They work by treating each room individually with a dedicated 75mm duct run from two distribution boxes (manifolds), for supply and extract air at the heat recovery unit.

Quiet-Vent Semi Rigid Ducting Kits are the perfect choice for installing a MVHR Heat Recovery System as they provide huge performance benefits whilst dramatically reducing installation time

Order online and purchase our Standard Kit or call our sales and technical teams on 028 2827 5150 / +353 1526 7452 to upgrade your kit.

Key Kit Features

  • Our Standard 75mm pipe is semi flexible, crushproof and with a smooth inner surface
  • The round 75mm pipe is supplied in 50-meter-long rolls and takes more than 13 Kilonewton’s per square metre of pressure to crush it and can even be buried in up to 3 metres of concrete
  • No noise transfer (talking, music etc) between rooms (As required and stated in the 2010 Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide)
  • No noise generated by high volumes of air being pushed or sucked down ducting (common with branch systems)
  • No joins in ducting so it cannot become dislodged if knocked or disturbed e.g. in loft spaces
  • 70% Quicker and easier to install compared to traditional branch systems.
  • Metal distribution boxes – very robust and durable, various sizes
  • Can easily overcome site obstacles and can be worked through around joists with ease
  • Fully cleanable and one of the only systems on the market that is - making it ideal for Heat Recovery System installations as it offers long-term Guaranteed Installed Performance
  • Superior 100% airtightness as there is up to 85% less joins and any fittings use rubber seals
  • Ideal for metal web and engineer joists
  • SAP Appendix Q and Passive House Approved (classed as solid rigid on SAP)

Upgrade to our Premium ducting for the highest quality ducting - it is easier to bend and has an antibacterial and antistatic surface which inhibits mould and bacteria growth

Design and Supply

As leading heat recovery specialists our in-house designers can provide a comprehensive and bespoke design backed up with our technical experts that can answer any queries you may have.

Free delivery is included to any mainland UK or ROI address on orders over £200. We are one of the few specialists that can provide quick or priority dispatch to any location using professional logistics companies, we are able to deliver to any other location on request.

If required all products in the kits can be changed or altered to suit your specific needs before dispatch and if you do require extra materials, we will supply these to you at the same highly discounted rates.

Any products not required can be returned for a refund (excluding return delivery cost & restocking fee).

Installation and Commissioning

All systems on completion of the installation require commissioning to insure it is working as intended, BPC have a network of commissioning engineers or we can supply you with a DIY air meter including a commissioning guide.

The systems have been painstakingly designed to be suitable for any competent person to install but we also have a large network of installers if required throughout the UK and Ireland if required.

How Does a Radial System Work?

Radial ducting is the latest innovation on ventilation systems and can provide a quieter and more efficient ventilation system compared to solid rigid ductwork.

All our radial ducting options are a system of individual smooth bore pipes which are crushproof, semi flexible with zero air loss. Our Premium ducting has an anti-static and antibacterial lining which individually connects each room to a distribution box (manifold).

The distribution box takes mass airflow directly from the MVHR Heat Recovery Unit and allows lower rates to pass through to each individual room run eliminating noise transfer and increasing the efficiency of the heat recovery unit.

The radial ducting is designed to be installed below the loft insulation to provide a superior heat retention over pre-insulated solid rigid above the loft insulation.

Radial semi rigid ducting is suitable for any type of property; including timber framed houses, passive house approval homes and can be used in areas with limited access.

Our premium radial semi rigid ducting is available in both circular (75mm or 90mm) and oval (51mmx114mm) fittings.

Alternative Duct Options

As well as our radial ducting options, we can stock and supply Solid Rigid PVC, Galvanised Steel and Thermal EPP (foam) ducting if preferred.

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