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Underfloor Heating Design Packages

Underfloor Heating Design Packages

As an Underfloor Heating system is buried into the floors it is important that the system is designed correctly to provide adequate heating.

To provide the best performance we offer a full design service that include the use of an intelligent software programme that will provide the required heat loss calculations for each room.

With the heat loss calculations our Inhouse CAD designers can then provide a full design that includes.

  • Pipe Layouts
  • Pipe Spacing
  • Manifold Settings and Locations
  • Electrical Wiring Diagrams

The maximum heat output for underfloor heating systems is 100 W/m2 for concrete floors and 70 W/m2 for timber suspended floors. For any underfloor heating system to work efficiently, the property needs to be built to current building regulations and no rooms should lose more than the above output.

To allow us to provide the correct design we would need the following information

  • A set of plans to scale
  • Type of boiler – (Heat pumps are recommended as the required heat load is lower)
  • Type of flooring – (Tile or wood is preferred but carpet would require an underlay suitable for UFH)
  • Radiators – are you using radiators as part of the UFH system
  • Controllers – various options are available

After you send in your plans, we will provide a free proposal that will list all the components required and when agreed and purchased we can provide a full design for you.

If you wish for a design prior to purchase, we can provide a bespoke and professional design as above, but we will charge a £99 + vat retainer to partly cover our cost that would be reimbursed to you if you decide to purchase the full system from us.


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