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Heat Pump Design Packages

Heat Pump Design Packages

The correct sizing of a heat pump is of high importance.

A correctly sized system causes the temperature to stay the same for a long time and be more efficient.

  • An undersized heat pump will take longer to heat the area
  • An oversized heat pump will heat the area faster but will turn on and off more frequently, which will use more electricity.

For homes in the UK, we have Panasonic heat pumps between 3kW and 16kW sizes. We can go bigger of course. But this is only really needed for exceptionally large properties, shared heat pump systems, and district heating installations.

The Good news is that on most new builds your architect has probably done the heat loss calculations allowing us to specify the correct heat pump for you and simply inform us of this information and we will have a proposal to you as soon as possible.

If you have no heat loss calculations, please read on

Calculating heat loss in new properties is quite straight forward and please send in your plans with the following information.

  • The U-value
  • Proposed air tightness level
  • Location to calculate Seasonal temperature fluctuations
  • The size and height of all rooms in the property
  • The types of rooms and their uses
  • The desired indoor temperature for different rooms
  • The kind of floor: wood, tile, or carpet.
  • House orientation

Calculating heat loss in older properties is more challenging and we would need the following extra information:

  • Insulation, property fabric, to calculate the heat loss
  • Size of radiators and/or underfloor heating
  • Whether the house gets a lot of sunlight
  • Type of windows and doors (wood/PVC)

If required, we offer a full design service that include the use of an intelligent software programme that will provide the required heat loss calculations for each room.

After you send in your plans, we will provide a free proposal that will list all the components required, when agreed and purchased we can provide a full specification with the heat and/or cooling calculations for you to use for part of the final certification.

If you wish for detailed heating and/or cooling calculations prior to purchase, we will charge a £49 + vat retainer to partly cover our cost that would be reimbursed to you if you decide to purchase the full system from us.


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