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Airflow Duplexvent BV400 Heat Recovery Unit

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Airflow Duplexvent BV400 Heat Recovery Unit
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Airflow Duplexvent BV400 Heat Recovery Unit - 90000660


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Airflow BV400 Heat Recovery Unit - 90000660

Airflow Duplexvent BV400 is a heat recovery ventilation unit with state-of-the-art technology, this unit is suitable for medium and large size houses. BV400 is designed to provide essential ventilation to your home while also saving you money through the heat recovery feature. This system provides an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for residential applications.

The Duplexvent BV400 achieves a specific fan power as low as 0.45 w/l/s. The unit provides up to 93% heat recovery, providing housebuilders and developers with significant reductions in Dwelling Emission Rates (DER). This unit meets the latest Building Regulation Document Part F 2010 and complies with Energy Saving Trust Best Practice.

Please note - You can purchase the heat recovery unit with or without the ductwork on this listing 

This heat recovery unit and semi rigid radial ducting kit meets the highest and latest Building Regulation requirements and are suitable for newly constructed homes and renovation projects.


  • Airflow Heat recovery unit
  • Heat recovery up to 93%
  • Suitable for houses up to 250 m2
  • Mechanical summer by-pass
  • Internal humidity sensor
  • Multiple control options
  • Frost protection
  • Low energy use 
  • Complete with digital controller
  • Dimensions (HxLxW): 725 x 710 x 630(mm)


This unit requires 2 x G3 filters and an optional F7 filter


The unit is supplied with a digital controller. It can be used to pre-set the speeds of the unit to any required airflow rate

The boost can be achieved with a range of additional switches or sensors, including a momentary switch if used with a timer box

Integral Humidity Sensor

The unit features an integral humidity sensor that will increase speed if threshold is reached


Constructed of EPP with a powder coated steel cover


The unit has 2 x low energy, high efficiency EC motors


The unit has a universal design for left and right handing which can easily be adapted on site providing wide installation flexibility and creating “last minute installation solutions” for miscalculated project specifications.

The Condensate drain is fitted at the bottom of the unit, we recommend that you install a flexible connection between the drain and overflow pipe
Control and electrical connections are made on the inside of unit 


In addition to a choice of compatible ducting systems a full range of controls, sensors, in-line silencers, floor/wall/ceiling inlet and outlet diffusers are available to complete the installation.

Benefits of working with BPC Ventilation

  • Number 1 leading MVHR and ventilation system specialists
  • Large range of systems for domestic and commercial applications
  • Authorised Airflow distributors
  • In-house design service
  • Full technical support
  • 1000s of products in stock in our own warehouse
  • Large showroom with working units on display
  • Installer network throughout the UK and Ireland
  • All systems comply to all the latest building control regulations
Technical Specification

Technical Specification


Airflow Duplexvent BV400


R/H 90000660

Heat Recovery efficiency %


Digital Controller


Boost Switch control

Yes – on-off        (optional momentary with use of timer module)

Interactive control


Humidity control


Airflow rate Max m3/h


Airflow rate @ 100Pa m3/h


Max dwelling size M2

250 (uk)

Max room extraction

Kitchen plus 7 extraction points

Specific fan power (lowest)


Dimensions W x H x D (mm)

710 x 725 x 630




Yes 2 x G3

Summer Bypass 

Yes – 100%

Frost protection 


Sound level @3m db.(a)

23 - 41


Wall - floor

Ductwork connections


Duct Diameter

4 x160mm

Condensate drain



3 year -1-year motors

Country of manufacture


Heat exchanger

Counterflow heat exchanger (PVC)

Available room sensors

Humidity, Timer, Pir



SAP Appendix Q


Fireplace mode


Alarm system integration


Passive House


ERP rating





DescriptionProduct Number8 Pt 9 Pt 10 Pt 11 Pt 12 Pt 13 Pt 14 Pt 15 Pt 16 Pt 
125mm metal extract valveMW124444555566
125mm metal supply valveMW1254566789910
150mm pipework x 1 meterP150-1888888888
150mm pipe connectorC150333333333
150mm 90' bendsB90150101010101010101010
Quiet-Vent 150mm x 500mm Flexi insulated sound attenuator with adaptorsQV150F-SILENCER111111111
Metre foil backed glass fibre insulationINS22444444444
150mm exterior grille S/steel louvered CowlSSC150222222222
10m roll 150mm insulated flexible ductingIFD150111111111
Roll silver foil tape 75mmST75111111111
Roll builders strap 10 meterBS50222222222
Sealant - grey ductSE380111111111
Cable ties 550mm (Pack of 10)CT550111111111
NEW 75mm x 50 Metre Antibacterial Radial pipe (Quiet-Vent blue ) (75mm)QV75PB233444556
NEW 90` Plenum with additional 350mm Round Pipe (Quiet-vent) (75mm)QV75PLEN908910111213141516
Pro Sealing Ring (pack of 10) (75mm)QV75SR- Pro222333334
NEW QV 10 Pt Top Entry Distribution box 150 spigot (75mm)QV75-10150TE2222211  
NEW QV 15 Pt Rear Entry  Distribution box 150  spigot (75mm)QV75-15180RE     1122
Quiet-Vent Adaptor for Distribution box 180-150QV- ADP180150     1122
Download Documentation
Installation Manual
Airflow Duplexvent BV400 Catalogue
Airflow BV400 Timer Wiring Diagram
Further Information

Further Information

Quiet-Vent Semi Rigid Radial Ducting with the Airflow Duplexvent BV400 Heat Recovery unit

A heat recovery ventilation system is only as good as the ducting used

Following years of heat recovery design and installation BPC Ventilation are now able to provide high quality kits that will provide a quiet and efficient system exceeding building control regulations and are suitable for any competent person to successfully install

The Quiet-Vent radial semi rigid system combines the performance benefits of rigid duct and the installation benefits of flexible duct by treating each room individually with a dedicated 75mm duct run from two manifolds (distribution box) for supply and extract air at the heat recovery unit

Quiet-Vent Semi Rigid Duct is a perfect choice for MVHR Heat Recovery System Installations as it provides huge performance benefits whilst dramatically reducing installation time and installation risk on-site

Key Features

  • The pipes have a smooth bore that is hygienic, anti-static, non-porous and odourless which inhibits mould and bacteria growth with low air-flow resistance and has high sound absorption.
  • The round 75mm pipe is supplied in 50-meter-long rolls and takes more than 13 Kilonewton’s per square metre of pressure to crush it and can even be buried in up to 3 metres of concrete.
  • No noise transfer (talking, music etc) between rooms (As required and stated in the 2010 Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide).
  • No noise generated by high volumes of air being pushed or sucked down ducting (common with branch systems).
  • No joins in ducting so it cannot become dislodged if knocked or disturbed e.g. in loft spaces.
  • 70% Quicker and easier to install compared to traditional branch systems.
  • Metal distribution boxes – very robust and durable, various sizes.
  • Can easily overcome site obstacles and can be worked through around joists with ease
  • Fully cleanable and one of the only systems on the market that is - making it ideal for Heat Recovery System installations as it offers long-term Guaranteed Installed Performance
  • Superior 100% airtightness as there is up to 85% less joins and any fittings use rubber seals 
  • Ideal for metal web and engineer joists
  • SAP Appendix Q and Passive House Approved (classed as solid rigid on SAP)

Design and Supply

As leading heat recovery specialists our in-house designers can provide a comprehensive and bespoke design backed up with our technical experts that can answer any queries you may have,

Free delivery is included to any mainland UK or ROI address with this kit and with thousands of products in stock we are one of the few specialists that can provide quick or priority dispatch to any location using professional logistics companies, we are able to deliver to any other location on request,

If required all products in the kits can be changed or altered to suit your specific needs before dispatch and if you do require extra materials we will supply these to you at the same highly discounted rates,

Any products not required can be returned for a refund (excluding return delivery cost)

Installation and commissioning

All systems on completion of the installation require commissioning to insure it is working as intended, BPC have a network of commissioning engineers or we can supply you with a DIY air meter including a commissioning guide

The systems have been painstaking designed to be suitable for any competent person to install but we also have a large network of installers if required throughout the UK and Ireland if required

How does a Radial system work?

Radial ducting is the latest innovation on ventilation systems and can provide a quieter and more efficient ventilation system compared to rigid ductwork.

Radial Ducting is a system of individual smooth bore pipes which are crushproof, semi flexible with zero air loss. The pipes have an anti-static and antibacterial lining which individually connects each room to a manifold

The manifold takes mass airflow directly from the MVHR Heat Recovery Unit and allows lower rates to pass through to each individual room run eliminating noise transfer and increasing the efficiency of the heat recovery unit

The radial ducting is designed to be installed below the loft insulation to provide a superior heat retention over pre-insulated solid rigid above the loft insulation

Radial semi rigid ducting is suitable for any type of property; including timber framed houses, passive house approval homes and can be used in areas with limited access.

The radial semi rigid ducting is available in both circular (75mm or 90mm) and oval (51mmx114mm) fittings.

Alternative duct options

We can also stock and supply Solid Rigid PVC, Galvanised Steel and Thermal EPP (foam) ducting if preferred


How to install a Airflow BV400 using a radial duct-work system

Initial Design -

Pre designed plan - Please follow the plan ensuring the correct number of pipes to each area - Please note the plan is only a guide and you may have to reroute pipe work differently and reposition valves to suit layout of rooms

No Plan - If a design is not possible due to renovation, Retrofit or properties with multiple obstacles simply follow the listed recommendations

We would recommend that you

  • Install 2 x pipes from the distribution box to the room air plenum if air flow requirement exceed 10 L/s or if length over 15 meters  
  • Install 2 x pipes from the distribution box to the air extract plenum in the main shower rooms and Kitchen
  • All other areas only require a single pipe from the distribution box to the room air plenum
  • Radial ductwork is suitable to be fitted below your loft insulation providing superior heat retention Insulate any ductwork or Manifold/ Distribution boxes with a minimum of 25mm thermal duct wrap that go above insulation in unheated attic spaces
  • Slim-line manifolds are suitable for installation to concrete ceilings and only require a 100mm service void
  • Position supply plenums approx. 500mm from corner of wall (avoid areas above beds and wardrobes)
  • Position extraction plenums to outside of showers and above kitchen sink (not cooker)
  • Only extract from a room with a open appliance (stove) if there is a supply with equal or higher airflow

Installation Guide

1st Fix

  1. Position unit proverbially on a wall or vertical timber frame with provided wall bracket
  2. Install wiring for controllers (see bottom of page for further details)
  3. Install condensation drain from unit to internal or external drain
  4. Install wall /Soffit vents or roof vents (Minimum 1.5 meter apart) Pipes are 125mm diamater
  5. Position distribution boxes in the chosen location (proverbially in a central location minimising duct lengths )
  6. Install silencer (if specified) to air supply distribution box
  7. Install solid rigid duct-work and between distribution boxes and MVHR unit, (If possible allow for insulated flexible duct-work for final connections of MVHR unit )
  8. Install radial pipe into the distribution box ,
  9. Cut to length and install pipe into ceiling plenum, (insure you install rubber seal onto pipe) secure pipe in place with fixing band or pipe clips

Warning! There can be either one or two pipes going from the distribution box to the plenum depending on the required airflow , Always check plan that will indicate 1 or 2 pipes Install insulated rigid or insulated flexible ductwork to external vents Seal all open pipes to prevent debris and moisture ingress


2nd fix

  1. Trim ceiling Plenums to height of plasterboard (Easier to do before plastering ceilings)
  2. Install air valves to plenums (slightly open valve by two turns)
  3. Install all controllers
  4. Check that condensation drain has been fitted
  5. Switch unit on and follow the set up procedures
  6. Check air flow rates and commission system

Wiring Requirements

  • 3amp switched spur beside unit
  • A optional boost switch can be wired to the unit- install a 4 core 1mm cable from unit to single box outside bathrooms, we have various options on our website under controllers
  • The unit is supplied with a three speed control switch as standard. The control switch is suitable for surface mounting with the connecting low voltage cable recessed into the wall (recommended).
  • * Channel out the wall to run the cable to the required location 
  • * Drill a hole (15mm diameter x 15mm deep) to recess the connecting plug in the surface.
  • * Alternatively, if surface mounting of the connecting cable (within conduit) is required, there is an optional cut-out in the top of the controller which allows surface cable entry.
  • * Remove the metal plate from the switch and mount it on the wall using two screws (supplied).
  • * Connect the cable to the control panel.
  • * Fix the control panel to the metal plate using the screw at the bottom of the switch.
  • * The unit is supplied with a 5 metre long cable with plugs to connect the control switch to unit..


  • The low and high speed levels can be adjusted using two potentiometers found on the PCB in the control box.
  • To increase fan speed turn the potentiometers clockwise (do not force or over adjust)
  • Control Switch Potentiometer for Low Speed Medium speed will be set automatically by the controller's software taking the mid-point of the High and Low fan speed settings. 

Accessories Product



World Wide Delivery Service

BPC have years of experience in delivering equipment around the UK and other Worldwide destinations. Our dedicated dispatch team work hard to ensure the highest standards are met so that your goods arrive on-time and in pristine condition.

Our market knowledge and experience allow us to match our service to meet your requirements swiftly and safely.


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